sweetest christmas presents... (BRAGGING)

check this out i got a beatiful allessi watch

and this killer processes book.

i’ve been devouring this book and its awesomeness…

i gave some cool stuff too but thats not what this is about - its about bragging…
you guys get anything cool?

Can you give a heads-up on what the Processes book is like??? (I presume ‘Killer’ means it’s good!). I’ve been meaning to order it for so long but am still waiting to see it locally for a pick-up review.

im at my office so i don’t have it in front of me but here it goes:

first of all its very well organized:
It’s layed out by process and contains data like types of materials used, environmental effects, hihg run vs. low run costs etc… this makes it really valuable to me as a usable reference.

It’s got fantastic examples:
many products by well known designers\manufacturer’s are shown being manufactured in big color photos that are very well shot and descriptive. also tooling digrams are excellent, they’re in color and follow a consitant scheme… makes it easy to understand all the way through.

it’s big… and from what i can gather very complete… stuff i hadn’t learned much about in my school’s (inadequate) m&P class like sonic welding etc…

I totally recomend it…
i also got Bill M.'s ‘deigning interactions’ – im half way done with it after a day and a half and i usually dont read that fast - it’s definately a must if you want to do any electronics IMHO.

hop that helps -


Thanks for the synopsis, sounds like a must have to me.

Clean looking watch by the way.

Sweet, thanks for the mini-view. Sounds good. I’m going to order it today methinks.

two thumbs up to that watch…I really love it…so how much is it?