Sweet Find!!

Found this beauty packed away in a box last night…

I always wanted one of those when I was a kid!! :cry:

Sweet find indeed!!

…and that game FYI is FIFA 94’

The other day i found my old game boy (original), god what a finding as well!! i don’t know why i remember it small and compact, but it was huge.Still love the design though.

I been meanin to play me some columns

do do dodo
do do

wow. right after seeing that pic, i ran through my stuff and found my good ol game gear in one of those cool Sega bags. To my surprise, it still works real fine. Popped in ‘Sonic the hedgehog’ cartridge and played for a while. After all these days, I still cant get past Level 5… damn… anybody know any cheat codes.

One of these days I need to ask my parents to send me my Atari 2600. Now that was some great hardware!