Sweeps in Solidworks


i’m pretty new to Solidworks, but i cant do a sweep. the tutorials in Solidworks are impossible to understand and fine anything.
Does anyone have any advice.
When i try to create a sweep it says “Path and profile must be provided to define sweep.” i’m not sure i’m eveing starting at the right place!
Any help appreciated,

create a sketch the top plane for your profile…lets say a circle with its centre at the orign.

Exit this sketch and rename it ‘profile’

Start a new sketch on the right plane and draw a spline starting from the origin.

exit this sketch and rename it path

go into the sweep feature ans select your profile sketch for the profile and the path sketch for your path

and your done.

Re-read the SW material…as it is very good. Also, read the help menu. A sweep has one profile…if you have more than one profile, you should be using a loft.