sweden Vs Germany

I’m a tableware and furniture designer with 8 years of work experience in product development in India. I have worked in the capacity of a Buyer as well and have in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes for this category. I am considering moving either to Sweden or to Germany and not able to decide between the two.

Following is the link to my portfolio:

Are the job prospects better in Germany or Sweden for my kind of work? I am a non-EU citizen and would need visas even for interviews
I have no knowledge of the German language but will start learning as soon as a decision is made in favor of Germany. Do I have ANY chances of getting a job with no or basic German language skills, that I can work on later?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I am both a German and a Swedish citizen actually. :wink:

Why are you considering only these two? You also have large companies and studios in your field in Finland and Denmark.
Otherwise, I would just point to the fact that Germany has about 10 times the population of Sweden which would suggest that you are probably better off looking there.

With that being said, I would go where ever you get a spot. The competition is fierce and the quality of life is equally good in both countries as well as in the rest of central and northern Europe.