Swap styluses between tablets?

This may be an easy question, but I couldn’t find a quick answer-- Is it possible to use a stylus from one tablet device with a different tablet (both are wacom devices)? I find the cintiq stylus more comfortable than the one that came with my bamboo, so I was hoping to swap it out.

It doesn’t work when I just try using the other stylus, but I didn’t know if I could activate it on my computer. I don’t have the Bamboo software installed (I just plugged it in and started using it), so I’m not sure if that’s an option.

Chances are it won’t work.

Wacom digitizers use a magnetic field to sense the stylus, which means different models of digitizers are built different enough that it doesn’t recognize pens between them.

IE a Cintiq is calibrated to work with a LCD in the way, but a bamboo isn’t. Same thing with their tablet PC’s.

I’ve tried this before without much luck.

Bummer… So in that case how would the “Jot” styluses work? On their website it looks like its a whole stylus, not just a nib. Saw them on here on core77 and thought it may be cool to try.


I’m pretty sure Jot only works with capacitive touchscreens. Wacom uses their own technology that actually inductively powers the pen when you hold it close to the surface. I know for sure that Wacom Intuos 3-4 pens work with the latest and 2nd latest Cintiqs. Never tried Bamboo.

Ah ok. Thanks for explaining. Would be nice if you could buy different stylus’ though.

Thats strange. I know that my Intuos 3 pen will not work with my coworkers Intuos 4 pad for some reason. I was completely floored that they were that specific, but it just will not work.

if only there were people who designed products or something that could make this happen…

I’m surprised the Intuos 3 and 4 are not compatible, but not that a Cintiq and Bamboo aren’t. Generally the pens are compatible with the same platform products, but the screen probably changes things greatly. As another example, pens for tablet computers that use Wacom technology are compatible with each other (I have an Asus that can use a pen from a Modbook), but a pen for a stand-alone tablet won’t work.