SW Conic Fillets in 2014

Today I took a quick look at what’s new in SolidWorks 2014 (http://www.solidworks.com/launch/design-tools.htm & SOLIDWORKS Forums, among other places) and to my delight there are now conic fillets, including curvature continuous fillets. Up until now the only fillet with any controls was the face fillet, and that only had constant width and curvature continuity, no real shape adjustments. I’m looking forward to not having to play with surfaces to perfect the blend on what would otherwise be a very simple fillet as well as the possibility of variable curvature continuous fillets. However, I have yet to install it and take it for a test drive to see how well it really performs. Have any of you?

Will jump on it on the next project, still on 2012 now.
Looking forward to conic fillets, the new spline tool, and “replace entity”! The last one will save days of mindless re-referencing…
I wonder why there is still no variable chamfer tool… or wait…perhaps there is?

Works great, I’ve used it. If you’ve used NX, which has 9000 options for every type of fillet you could imagine, don’t expect that level of control. But it does what we’ve always wanted; C.C. fillets with some tweakability. No complaints here.

I just got 2013 six months ago and barely started using sketch conics in my designs. Really stoked to use the feature functionality instead of relying on the sketches. Features are much easier to update!

Curious what level of curvature blending they have. Just installed 2014 this morning!

Conic fillets, that’s great news. They were one of the reasons why we’d use Catia at the studio instead of SW. So no more cutting and blending. I would love to see some examples stretching the use of this tool to its limits. Can you fillet both surfaces and sketches this way?

Yes Ralph. 2013 added sketch conics, 2014 added conics as a feature fillet option. Already used it on a project, nice and easy.

I think Parasolid added this capability recently, might be why we’re seeing it in SW now. But, if like a previous poster mentioned, NX has had it for a long time now. Then maybe I’m just looking into things that aren’t there :slight_smile: