SW 2016: Style Spline Support for B-Splines

Wanted to see if anyone has been pushing the much needed functionality of splines in SW? Just reading through the “what’s new” and saw that this was added. If so how has this translated to surface geometry?

“You can create B-Splines of 3º, 5º, or 7º with the Style Spline tool. You can adjust the smoothness of the curve by manipulating the degree of the curve. Previously, you could only create a Bezier curve with the Spline tool. When converting a spline into a Style Spline, many unusable points were created, making it difficult to work with. You can have one-to-one conversion from a Spline to a Style Spline since the resulting Style Spline will now be a degree 3 B-Spline. The minimum points required to create 3º, 5º, and 7º B-Splines are 4, 6, and 8 respectively.”