"Sverige Sun" - my first attempt at a sneaker rend

I’ve been spotting some cool sneaker renders on C77 for some time, thought I would give it a quick shot. I found that the process is more fun than I expected, a nice 3d shape to work with in 2d. I’ll likely do a few more of these for practice before moving onto another product.
edit: Sverige sun is inspired by Scandinavian design and the mellow but beautiful Swedish sun.

Good job, and excellent choice of inspiration :smiley:

Nice one. I’ve been feeling the temptation to try a shoe rendering myself with all of these shoe guys flexing their muscles on the beach. I’ve never tried to design a shoe though.

LOL! Nice one skinny.

You still rocking NB hikers if I remember right?

NB Crosstrainers now. They were the only ones in my size that I could find that would actually go with everything. I think a girl from RISD designed them, forgot her name.