SVA (Interaction Design) or Parsons (Design n Technology)

Hi Everyone,

Need your opinions/suggestions on these two universities. I have got through Parsons and waiting for a response from SVA. It seems like a tough choice to me but would need some feedback on these two colleges. Any reviews? Academics? Faculty? Facilities? Jobs? Which one should be preferred?

Please help!

I would also like to know the same as OP, but in addition, I would like to see some sample projects and what particular technologies have been taught at those courses. Thanks!

You can check that out on the university website!

A good way to start would be to take a tour a both schools and see what their curriculum is like. I’m a CD BFA student at Parsons. Parsons is a decent school but might not have what you’re looking for. Both schools have prestigious professors, notable designers, etc. but it’s all about what you want to focus on for those two years. Good luck!