Suzuki "Jimry"

These Jimny/Every frankenvans coming out of an upfitter in Japan might just be my dream car. Jimnies are known to be a shockingly capable off-roaders, and Erveries (along with most other cargo/passenger vans for that matter) have massive amounts of usable interior space for their relatively small overall size. Couple that with the fact that the builds with prices are listed at less than $25k and it’s honestly worth considering the extra $5k or so it takes to get one over here from Japan.

Plus they look goofy as hell, which is always a bonus in my book.

That’s a crossover that I approve of.

It’s beautiful and I love it.

^ Too perfect.

Oh nooooo! Japanese auto design continues to spiral…!

Do you really think that toy would make it through Emmigrant gap during a Sierra snow storm engelhjs? I’d be worried crossing the Mojave as well. The whole of Japanese auto design is in the hands of a post-teenage gamaholic who has just emerged from a treatment center…(except for Mazda). God help GenZ…!

If you have USD$30K to invest in over-landing in the western USA, try one of these Autotrader - page unavailable before allowing cuteness to over take your sensibilities and respect for nature.

Have not seen a reality disconnect on this level in quite awhile…

HA! No one who buys it is going to to actually use it as intended! It’s for driving around the city, parking at REI, climbing gyms, and MTB trailheads. Just like all the converted Sprinter vans I see daily.

Three cylinders of fury for the win! :wink:

Love it!

I envision western civilization move down the automotive ranks as we make the climate our main priority. First we will electrify our luxury cars, then we will downsize them (this), then we will all discover Tuktuks, and ultimately - motoblocks with trailers. We shall call this progress… Mobility Innovation.

Actually, I’ve travelled to 71th north parallel by car (1.4l Golf) and was surprised how the majority of local cars were regular 2WD sedans. The notion that you would need a lifted 4x4 to take you outside of suburbia is an annoying myth.