Suzuki Jimny

I dont know if you have these in the States yet but I have just seen a couple of the new Suzuki Jimny’s that have just been released in Australia. I really like the styling and it looks like a fun little 4wd.

There’s only a few ways that a 4x4 design works. I feel this one does, has funky proportions, and so much better than the previous models.

I follow a bunch of automotive journalists who love this thing. Apparently it is pretty capable off road as well. I love it as well. It is nice too something that feels off road and still feels friendly.

I haven’t seen any of these around yet…I like it! Keep it as is or put on some chunky tyres for the rugged 4wd look.

The name though…

I really like the styling of this.

I see lots of fancy Maserati/Bently/Lexus 4x4’s being in London, but personally, I prefer when 4x4’s look industrial and rugged. Honestly, I’d rather this over those expensive ones!

Kinda neat baby G wagon. Interesting alternative to all the CUVs with all kinda of overdone plastic bits trying to look like toys.


This is the colourway I like the most but it isnt coming to Aus

Suzuki pulled out of NA just in time to develop a product that would have been competitive here. claps

The Jimmy name has been used in Japan for a decade before the Seinfeld episode existed. It would have made for a great Super Bowl ad crossover though.

some video of this thing in the round:

Jalopnik review: The 2018 Suzuki Jimny Is the Off-Road Bargain of Your Dreams, and the Highway Cruiser of Your Nightmares

Saw it recently in a trip in Japan. Wonderful little car. Back to the basics. Simple lines, tons of character.

how nicely its beige color blends with this rusty look-like tarmac

I pretty much loathe SUVs but I would drive that :slight_smile:

Look OK. But cheap cars drive cheap.

I’m guessing it is one of those things that is good from far, but far from good.


I’v always had a soft spot for these kinds of things since the Geo Tracker :smiley:

Richard, Jimny is a very good car for the main markets that is targeting. Japanese, Asian ones and in European as a rental car in southern countries (lot’s of them). I rented once the last generation and went to isolated beaches where the access was difficult (rough gravel, steep uphills/downhills). But Jimny is superb as a off-roader and compact for the narrow streets in Asia and Europe.
On the tarmac though the story is different.
Japan actually kept more Jimnys than it intended once the demand exceeded their expectations.

I didn’t question if it was popular or capable offload, but a good car? ie. one you’d actually want to own/drive.


If it’s popular and capable offroad then how could it be a bad car?
Looks great, cheap price, drives functionally fine for 90% of the time which is just sitting in traffic, and reflects a lifestyle people want on weekends.
I’d get one.

Sounds like an appliance to me. Not something I’d like to live with. But that’s just me.

I think we as designers (if anyone) should hope for better.

How about inspiring? Enjoyable? A great overall experience? Something you love? Something you want to keep?