SUV owners torch their vehicles

In a move similar to home owners who abandoned their homes as interest rates rose, SUV owners are now making their vehicles “disappear” with the aid of fire.

If you need to hire someone to destroy your Expedition, you’ve got issues.

all you need is:

a few beer bottles
some cemen
a yo-yo
panties from a hooker (a dead hooker is better)
a rather large Salmon
some urine

and a cliff to push it off of

if there’s no cliff available, yank the wheels off and sell them on e-bay, leave the SUV at the end of a dead end road

:unamused: :unamused:

Uh, Copyboy, for most of the US population, yes. They do not need a SUV. A wagon does the same on road job. But there are some people out there that use them fro the intended purpose.

Skim-read the above article to understand the context of my humor. I wasn’t saying all SUV owners should do this, I was questioning why these people are hiring other people to set their cars on fire

but really I just wanted to say semen… and salmon :laughing:

and dead hooker

Word, SUVs suck for the general population.
Good for people that need them…did not look at the link.

What kind of idiot steals a car for $300 then sets it on fire? Steal it for $300 and then chop it up and make a couple grand on parts. Either way it’s gone forever and the SUV owner is happy, but if it’s chopped you don’t have an arson investigator poking around asking uncomfortable questions. I guess being a professional arsonist means you didn’t have the brains to become a professional thief.

I think that there is that fine line between professional arsonist and amateur arsonist. But it’s hard to break in to the “big show”

Maybe these guys were just taking some freelance work to get their names out there. Then once they built a client base, they can start being a little more picky about their work.

True, I thought my big brake came when I was going to set the local South trust bank on fire, unfortunately I ran out of gas on the way to the site. I had fuel in the trunk for the burning, BUT, my vehicle required premium fuel, and trying to save some $$$ I had bought 87 grade for the Bank Job

:laughing: :laughing:

rookie mistake.

It’s probably wannabe-counterculture kids who like the idea of blowing things up. The kind who scream a lot and don’t vote, because they really want to make a difference.