Sustainable product design examples for publication

There is a a publication on business sustainability practices and the incorporation of the Natural Capitalism principles under development; specifically on the design and manufacturing section.
I’m looking for case studies of actual sustainable product/service designs that have been implemented and cover a wide range of the product life cycle.
Ideally, these examples will have measurable results.

Anyone out there has something interesting to share?

Maria Bobenrieth is an expert in Sustainable Product Development. She is with the Viance Group, LLC. I believe she did some sustainable product development work when she worked for Nike. Now she consults all over the world on the subject.

Her email is

Hi Jnm,
Thank you for the tip. I will contact her. Funny… I thought I would get a much bigger response from people working in this area. Maybe there isn’t that many people into sustainable design…hmm, too bad!

sounds like a thesis for dissertation :wink: