Sustainable Design Courses?

Are there any schools with an Industrial Design program that focus on sustainable design and green practices? I know about MCAD’s online program. Anything else out there?

I’m not sure about the schools but I found some courses on the USGBC website.

Why aren’t there ratings for product design?

I had been curious about this a while ago.

I found these:

  • LEED for New Construction: New construction and major renovations (the most commonly applied-for LEED certification)[4]
  • LEED for Existing Buildings: Existing buildings seeking LEED certification
  • LEED for Commercial Interiors: Commercial interior fitouts by tenants
  • LEED for Core and Shell: Core-and-shell projects (total building minus tenant fitouts)
  • LEED for Homes: Homes
  • LEED for Neighborhood Development: Neighborhood development
  • LEED for Schools: Recognizes the unique nature of the design and construction of K-12 schools
  • LEED for Retail: Consists of two rating systems. One is based on New Construction and Major Renovations version 2.2. The other track is based on LEED for Commercial Interiors version 2.0.

But where is the ???

  • LEED for Product Design
  • LEED for Electronics Design
  • LEED for Exhibit Design


i’m also curious about this. A while back i found an engie prof. at U of W - Madison that had some course work pertaining to sustainable product development, but now i can find it…

you might find the answer by searching coroflot / IDSA / carrerbuilder / monster and anywhere else for any and all: “sustainable product” designers…