sustainability: that new word...

sustainability: that new word… Like Gentrification in the early 90’s everyone is talking about it. I guess now Wal-mart is talking about sustainability in a big way and expect everything in the next few years to be green (or look green). I am told there is a bio degradable cash card that wal-mart offers. I’ll look for it online for a post here.

It is cool that even Wikipedia has a definition.

Even Autodesk is talking about it. I think it will take sometime before America’s toilets will flush with multiple amounts of water like those greener Japanese toilets but we are fast on our way. Maybe if buyers ask for greener john crapers then the consumer will vote with their visa card. That is a good thing for designers and engineers and that means more innovative products.

Who is making the bio-degradable cellphone?

Who is the governing agent for sustainability and should there me one besides ? A non profit in the support there of. And i suspect that sustainability in the next decade will be big marketing hype for more consumeristic rubbish.


I’ve heard about that few years ago here in UK but haven’t seen anything interesting yet(apart forom the same old shit with new sustainable name). Most of people are talking about but as you say it starts to happen in a mass scale what is good. I am sometimes a little bit worried that it is another version of industry choked on ‘greenity’. I hope we will be able to predict results of this current and not repeat ‘plastic era’. The perfect solution I can see is a sustainable design that contains quite big educational weight. So what if we have perfect sustainable packaging design when people would simply not care about that and would not be able to take advantage of it.
Few UK links

he perfect solution I can see is a sustainable design that contains quite big educational weight.

In Japan there is a very different situation. I would be curious to understand that culture in a different light. It is too bad we don’t have more participation from Japanese culture on this board. (maybe I am wrong) My understanding is that young people understand conservation at a higher level in Japan.

One Japanese cartoons I have saw depicted a little girl who fell hopelessly in love with a little boy who was a ghost. He was a river spirit that was made when a dam was built the river dried up and he is what is left.

Northern America cartoons are guns fighting and big yellow birds talking to cookie monsters … well you get the picture.

These cartoons are a strong early educator of societies.

Yeah, but on the other side you have bloody mangas :slight_smile:
There are cultures that take care more about environment(in certain points) such as Poland (I am a Pol myself), maybe not the whole country but people’s thinking about sustainability(in quite restricted areas - all food is organic but unfortunately it changes to worse) is far more better then in UK without knowing about that. That is why education will have to be the core element of sustainability, to teach people how to behave. Design is to add a clever bit into things as we all here know, so if most of packaging has clever design and as well as other products - allowing people to recycle, save resources and basically appreciate products, we will be saved by sustainable design. I am myself very happy that sustainability is a new ‘eco’ because we need that so desperately but we need as well others to participate in it but as far as I can see at the moment here in UK the amount of domestic waste is colossal and it does not seem that people are aware how necessary it is to understand that recycling is not the only solution.
I remember back in 80-ies in Poland we had such institution as ‘glass purchase’ where one was able to sell empty glass bottles etc. It wasn’t good for country economics. In Holland there are machines that do it automatically for you in superstores, they recognise bottles and creates and give you a ticket.
We need more product design that will have multiply functions. That will make people think and will not be just an empty term. There are few designs already trying to get there but some are too silly to be true and commonly used (multiple function clothe hangers). We need more packaging that will serve us not as long as it contains product but as well after.
I remember during communism we did not have much in Poland so we were made to use things few times and not to waste anything because everything was useful. So we were unconsciously recycling until capitalistic madness has started and now it will be difficult to bring it back.

well written bootchec. Check out this NPR story…