Survey; school project, need assistance.

Hello fellow designers/students,

I am conducting a survey for my Senior project for school and am in dire need of assistance. This survey is set up on and I need as many people to fill it out, as honestly as possible, in order to gain feedback and solidify my design direction for my project. I am delving into the realm of teeth; oral care to be specific. I am looking into user’s oral care habits in order to design a product, whether physical or virtual/digital, that would help motivate better oral health, in particular the act of flossing. In a nutshell, I want to learn why/why not/how/where people floss; consistency, routines, etc.

If you can spare a few minutes to answer it, it would be greatly appreciated. It’s a 10 question, multiple choice survey and it shouldn’t take long to fill out. It would help me a great deal. I wish I could compensate you for your time, but I cannot, so anything you can do to help a frazzled, stressed out ID student would be appreciated. This forum has been extremely helpful to me in the past; hence why I am posting this here. Thank you again and have a pleasant weekend. The link to the survey is attached below.


Chris, redundant posts are not really that much more efficient.



Oh, sorry. I was thinking it would help but I see it might not. Do you have a suggestion for which forum to switch it to? The one with the most traffic? Thanks for the suggestion, Lmo.


From the looks of it, you were right about it not being efficient. I have had 54 views and only 4 replies to my survey. Just an observation. I guess I will have to resort to standing outside Walmart and stopping random strangers for their feedback instead. I hope the weather is good today. :open_mouth:

Surveying a bunch of “designers” about their personal hygiene habits probably won’t get you the breadth and depth of information that you need. Neither would standing “outside WalMart”.

Consider a “printed” survey, and leave them at dentist’s offices; something to fill-out while waiting. School dorm cafeterias?

Interview dental hygienists in your area. What idea might they have for increasing personal awareness? I know I can 't get mine to stop talking about the subject when I’m in the chair.

Do some qualitative research, not quantitative. Go out and talk to people in the bathrooms: the place where they do their oral hygiene stuff. Observe them as you ask them to do what they do every night. Probe where you see issues or interesting behavior. Surveys are for marketing.

Obviously it is going to be hard to do immersive qual with strangers, start with family and friends. Watch what they do, not what they say.

Hello gentlemen:

Thanks for the tips. I actually am doing qualitative as well, observing flossers in their homes (that is next on my list after the initial survey), etc. I also went to dentists, etc, to interview them about their patients habits. I just thought I’d start a survey to get an idea for WHERE and WHY people floss or don’t floss and even designers, are people too, who happen to floss or not floss; hence why I decided to post on here. I also posted elsewhere too, not just here. What I did not do and might be too late for that now is leaving them behind in dentist’s offices! Darn. Thanks for the tip, though.

It’s just that I was expecting at least replies in the double digits and got only a few; despite the survey being so short. I am not merely relying on the survey, but I will take the survey elsewhere to person to person, in my user’s homes. That should get me better insight, as you both say. Thanks and have a nice day.

Think you might just be running into survey fatigue here.

So many students posts surveys and the majority are so poorly done, I don’t know about others, but I dread even looking at them even though I enjoy helping out.

I didn’t look at your so don’t know if it’s well done or not, but I’d say 90% of the surveys I’ve seen here are so bad they are useless or even in danger ofgiving you misleading feedback, I avoid them now 100%.


I didn’t look at your so don’t know if it’s well done or not, but I’d say 90% of the surveys I’ve seen here are so bad they are useless or even in danger ofgiving you misleading feedback, I avoid them now 100%.


I don’t blame you guys now! :open_mouth:

A few bad apples ruin it for the rest of us who can write well without text speech or who can form a cohesive sentence.