SURVEY: RISD Thesis: Prolonged effects of Sun Exposure

Please help me fill out this survey:

I am an Industrial Design Graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design, conducting a study in order to better understand habits of sun exposure. The stories of people who suffered to effects of prolonged sun exposure motivated me to shift my design practice into the realm of preventative healthcare.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


i just took you survey, hope it helps.

I think you may want to ask about skin tone. You ask about ancestry but even with in different countries of origin you will get great disparity in skin tone, which may alter perception on sun exposure. I am pale so i tend to be overly aware of sun exposure because i burn very quickly. someone with darker skin may not be as aware of their exposure because they are not getting the painful instant feedback that i get
also on question 19: what is the difference between rarely and almost never.

Thank you a million for the help and the feedback, I am working with multiple surveys, and as a result i omitted a few things from this oneI

I will fix question 19 immediately… it should say never.


PS: You have a great portfolio.

Thanks :smiley:

living in the most sun-cancery country in the world, this site might help:

just an FYI… as mentioned above I think it would be more appropriate to ask the tone of the skin on the survey.

Race is a social construct aka not actually real. It holds no scientific value. Only on the rare occasions of certain diseases.

Thank you for the feedback… I know, with every feedback it gets harder and harder to make changes as I now have quite a bit of responses. However I will be writing another one soon where I will implement many of the aforementioned suggestions.

Thank you again.