Survey Results: Car Feature People Want Most & Least

Thought this was an interesting list:

AutoPacific has some answers from the company’s annual Future Attribute Demand Study, which surveyed nearly 90,000 recent car buyers, with over 50,000 of them planning on buying another new car in the future. The company asked about 100 different choices, and these are the top 10 features people want:


  • Heated seats: 66%
    Blind-spot monitoring: 60%
    Front and rear parking sensors: 55%
    All-wheel or four-wheel drive: 54%
    Lane-departure warning: 54%
    Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto: 53%
    Power front passenger seat: 52%
    LED accent lights: 52%
    Ventilated or cooled seats: 50%
    Memory driver’s seat: 49%


  • Augmented reality head-up display: 14%
    Electronic engine noise enhancement: 13%
    Ability to purchase things from the vehicle infotainment system: 12%
    Biometric features: 9%
    Gesture controls: 9%
    Concierge services: 7%
    Fully-autonomous, hands-free driving with no steering wheel: 7%

Full article on AutoBlog: 10 car features people want most (and 7 they want least) | Autoblog

No no no…we all know people want a 32" TV in their car. 100%.

I’ve been kinda shopping for another car, but have more or less put the search on hold because of the rise in prices. However, looking at new cars inspired me to search for how to remove the giant touch screens. It’s possible, but normally replacing them with cheap plastic blanks. Kinda depressing…

32" touch screen :wink:

Seems like a very ”seat” oriented list.

Power passenger seat? Really?