Survey on Voting for my Senior Thesis

Hello core77,

I’m a student at UC working on research for my senior thesis concerning voting. More specifically, I’m looking to design an experiential marketing campaign around capturing the youth vote. Any replies to my survey will be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Survey: Voting Survey

Thanks again.

you are designing experimental marketing campaign as your senior thesis in industrial design?

Michael - From what I’ve seen/heard UC has been getting a bit more open with its senior thesis requirements. Lots of students are going away from traditional ID projects and designing more in the UX/Strategy relm. Whether its mobile apps or redesigning a service/experience; Professors are allowing students to tailor their final project to line up more with the job they want after school.

That being said this project seems like another spin off of what Andrew Kim did for his senior thesis. America Elect — Minimally Minimal

So not industrial design then.