Survey on design history teaching: please take part!

Hi to everybody,

my name is Martina and I’m a researcher at the Institute of Design Research Vienna (, where we are currently working on the experimental development of a web-based course on the history of design. Main target audience for this will be design students in the initial stage of coursework.

In order to break new ground in university teaching and meet the needs of the learners as best as possible, we need the input of students and/or graduates.

If you are a design student or design school graduate, please take part in our survey on design history teaching via

Thanks a lot and best regards from Vienna,
Martina Mara

Did it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

also did it… also got the last question correct! :wink: even though it was all furniture…

I hate design history. Probably because of the way it was taught to me. Online education’s always been a little frustrating for me because I usually don’t learn anything from it, and if I could find a loophole through bad coding/whatever I will use it.

I think putting the year there is sort of a giveaway. If you were just asked to order those chairs chronologically, you could guess based on the style/materials they were made of.

crap. I clicked the wrong thing on the question “are you a student or graduate” (was reading quick and thought it asked if I was a grad student), so can’t re-take the survey.

Will try to see if I can do it with IP blocking software. Would love to help.

EDIT - nope. doesn’t work.


Thanks for your help!

@ tarngerine: You’re right, combining a web-based lecture with “real life” discussion at the university in an innovative and intelligent way could be a good thing. This is what we are currently thinking about, among other topics.

@ rkuchinsky: I’m sorry … I will try to install a “back” button for this question. Actually, it should also work, if you clean your browser’s cache :wink: . Thank you!

did it in another browser. :slight_smile:


Thank you (… also for your patience) :smiley: .

Took the survey. I’m surprised I remembered who designed what, considering I didn’t like my history of design courses that much. Must have actually learned something in the process.