Survey Invitation for PTC Product Complexity Study

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Technology has brought breathtaking advancements to product development. Or has it? Sure you can design more functional products, test them virtually without physical prototypes, make them smaller, less expensive, and in many industries add aesthetics, ergonomics, and style.

But have 3D CAD systems really kept up? Can designers push the envelope to create products that were once unachievable? Or are they just fighting with their engineering software more?

And what about advances in processes? Many companies trumpet platform-based design, where products leverage a common base or “platform” as the core on which you build multiple products. Reuse and agility strategies like that can shorten time to market–or they can create a 3D assembly train wreck.

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Tell us how new levels of product complexity impact you, and whether your 3D CAD tool helps. Whatever 3D CAD system you use, we’d like to hear your thoughts.

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