Survey for Final Project- Sustainability in Casual Footwear

Please take my survey if your interested in shoes. Not spam, I promise. Thanks so much!

This research is a part of my final project on Sustainability in Casual Footwear Design for my Master of Industrial Design Degree at NC State University. The survey will collect data about how consumers (you) associate with shoes and packaging in the casual sector of the footwear industry. The results from the survey data will help me in determining what characteristics of sustainability in footwear are most important and also what needs to be improved. I will use this data to guide my design of a sustainable brand of shoes based around the results. Thank you for your support of my final project.

Please note: There is no direct benefit to you for completing this study. It should take approximately 15 minutes to complete the survey. I will not be collecting any information to connect you to your data. You may choose not to finish the survey once you have started.


Taylor Leaf

Done. Though this survey as with so many I think would benefit from a redesign. A few thoughts-

  1. a lot of the initial demographic info is unimportant. Why does it matter if i’m single or married?
  2. Many questions would benefit from a “does not apply, or don’t care” answer
  3. The tone of a lot of the questions and the entire survey is very leading. You won’t get useful answers in asking leading questions.
  4. Overall the survey seems to jump around a lot and ask things which may be irrelevant.

I’ve seen so many surveys like this from students, and it’s unfortunate that so many are poorly designed. It’s as if you already know what the answers are that you want, so ask questions to elicit those replies. If I were reviewing a portfolio that had a similar survey, it would immediately raise a red flag. I’d rather just see the designer state their hypothesis and design around it, than trying to do “research” that is misleading, useless or wrong and convince themselves it is useful research.

Just my thoughts. You survey is not as bad as some, but felt it important to write the above as a word of warning to yourself and others.

Research is important, but asking the wrong questions will get you the wrong answers, and can do more harm than help. Sometimes intuition is in fact better than research IMHO, and as a designer you should know how and when to use both effectively.


Thanks for taking the survey Richard. I appreciate the critique and concern.

For the most part I wanted to ask these questions in-particular to see what key information I could pull from the data. For example, if someone is single, they may have a more disposable income than the person that is married with kids (not always the case, of course). Or, if the majority of the results state that comfort is more important than appearance then it may be something to look further into. Also, as stated the questions can be left unanswered if one doesn’t care to answer.

My final direction will not come exactly from every single question asked. The project by nature is much deeper than that. The info gathered could help lend to certain key factors in the final design. Or the combination of certain questions responses could help lend to other ideas. I would even go as far to say that my final design will mainly come from my intuition that comes to me based on other forms of research. Its merely to guide, not drive, my final design. As a student of industrial design, its hard but crucial to get consumer feedback for our projects. This survey is just a way to gain more helpful insight…

just did it. Agree with Richard that the questions are a bit leading.