Survey About Industrial Design Entry Level Portfol

  1. How many pages do you consider as a reasonable size for a portfolio?
  2. How many projects should you show?
  3. Should you show each project in its entirety?
  4. What size should your interview portfolio be?
  5. What skills and abilities do you look for in entry level portfolios. (List in order by importance)
  6. What elements make a portfolio stand out?
  7. What are the most important things to remember when presenting your portfolio?
  1. 15-30 pages. Anything more is probably overkill.

  2. As many as it takes. Each project should emphasize a different skill.

  3. Not necessarily. If you made a physical model for every project, no need to show that process multiple times

  4. This is up to you. 8.5 x 11 is nice because if you send it as a PDF and people can easily print it. But the size is up to you. I personally use 8.5 x 14. But I’ve seen portfolios in all shapes and sizes.

  5. What I’ve heard the most is Sketching and rendering skills. Probably followed by ability to use Illustrator efficiently.

  6. Tough one. Im going to say it’s all about how much of your personality you can show through your portfolio.


  7. Don’t apologize for things in your portfolio. “If I had more time I would have” and no bullshitting on the spot. No need to make up things about your process, don’t want to get caught in the middle of something.

    Also remember in the end they are hiring you, not the person in your portfolio. If you have only your best sketching in your portfolio that you sketched 10 times before you got them right. What happens when you get hired and are asked to recreate that level of work? Do you think they’ll give you a whole day to get that one sketch up to par?

  1. 30-35. Roughly 5\6 pages per project
  2. 5 (should send out in sample and hold one back)
  3. I think you should, but omit any model making shots. Research methodolgies should be different for each project So i would keep all that in. Always emphasize the ideas you have to solve a problem.
  4. A3
  5. Now I dont know this it will be interesting to hear from the big hitters. But from the feedback I have gotten it’s well thought out insightfull design (Ideas) and sketching and CAD skills.
  6. ^
  7. Present it as if there not your projects. Do not get emotionally attached during the interview. A good company will play devils advocate with you during the interview to see how you respond, so you have to deal with that in a professional manner.

I did a study on what is required from an entry level grad of which I had 20 Industrial design consultancies partake ( 10 big hitters) of which the consesus was they rank the following:

3) CAD
4)Model making
5) Mechanics

And definately dont portray someone your not interms of work. Especially sketching, dont spend hours and hours on your portfolio sketches. If you can’t knock them out quickly you will be found out and eventually fired. That is then a black mark against you.

Be great to hear what some of the rockstars think

This is a pet peeve of mine. When someone says that to me, my response is usually “and why didn’t you take the time to do your best?” I don’t want someone who will deliver sub par work in a time crunch. Everything is a time crunch.

Remember the portfolio is a design problem, and the problem is how to show off your work in the best possible way. Keep it simple and make it about the content not the format.

I look for “T” shaped people, people with a depth of knowledge/experience/interest in a particular area but an openness and curiosity to apply that to a wide range of things.

Show enough personality to make it memorable. It shouldn’t feel like a collection of school projects.


I am resurrecting this thread because I had concerns as well about the amount of work to show as a recent grad. I have 4 well executed school projects to show and I was taught in class that 10 to 15 pages per project is the norm (which is about 60 pages total for the portfolio) and 4 project minimum to show, if possible. But I just read in this thread that 15 to 30 pages should be enough for the ENTIRE PORTFOLIO, as anything over that is overkill and would bore the viewer. Any thoughts?


10-15 per project? That’s way too much.

Wow, really, tarngerine? I thought employers wanted to see “process” but I guess if you condensed it all onto a few pages, you can show thought process in less than 10 pages per project. How many would you show per project, tarngerine?

I hope Matthew Blunt doesn’t mind me posting his Coroflot portfolio, but his portfolio seems very well executed and it is very long, because he is showing a lot of process/analysis, etc. So is he wrong in showing too much information? I am now confused as hell. :open_mouth: