Surface tension

I have been asked to develop some concepts where in the form implies surface tension.

Just wondering if anyone has samples they can provide me that illustrate this so that i have a better understanding of what i am trying to achieve.

Chevis W.

Whenever I think of surface tension I always think of the behavior of liquid on a surface.

As well as pulling on a surface with a string or spline. Similar to BMW’s surface design language.

Gina Example:

Hey Chevis,

When I think of surface tension the soles/outsoles of athletic shoes comes to mind. There are some wicked surfaces that start to look like ligaments or stretched taffy.

I also think Brian’s BMW example is great. Reminds me of a stylized plane wing with heat-shrunk plastic over a frame.

One of my favorite things in Milan this year, the (befittingly named) Surface Tension lamp by Swedish trio Front.

Quite stunning. Make sure to check out the Vid as well:

I fell in love with it, especially because it emphasizes not just how tension is created but also how easily and aggressively it collapses.

surface tension…