Surface Pro 4 pen durability

I’m leaning toward the Surface Pro 4 as a replacement for an old MacBook, but, after testing one in a Microsoft store, the pen isn’t instilling confidence. It feels really cheap and breakable, especially the tip. Can anyone speak to its durability after using the SP4 for a while?

Note: I would normally just go the route of an iPad Pro as I love the feel of the Apple Pencil, but I need to occasionally work in the full versions of Adobe CC apps.

I’ve been using my Surface Book stylus non-stop since late December of last year with no issues.

Well that’s good to hear. Do you use the stock tip on the stylus or one of the harder or softer ones from their little kit?

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I use the stock one - didn’t even open the little kit yet. I use SBPro, Drawboard PDF and Leonardo most often with the stylus.