Has anyone used the superforming process for aluminum.
I’m looking for basic giudlines are to tolerances and drafts etc. As well as companies in the US that use this process.
examples are on the Aston Martin (vanquish), Rolls, Bentlys and the semi new Marc Newson bike.
Any insider data or help is needed.

Superforming? I’m familiar with hydro-forming, but not superforming. If it’s hydroforming you’re after, there are many bike manufacturers using this process now (DeRosa to Giant.)

Also, Delta faucet has been using it for nearly a decade, I think. GM started using it on some suspension components too.

Not entirely sure of how the process works, but it’s something to the tune of slamming insanely high PSI of water into aluminum, thus pushing the alumium into shape. Tooling is very expensive and the wall-thicknesses are hard to keep to tight tolerances.


I was going through some old bookmarks, found this one, and remembered this thread. HTH:

superforming usually is done using heat and air

hydroforming usualy uses hydraulic pressure and minimum heat

i wont bother detailing the merits or pitfalls as either method is suitavble dependant on your mechanical needs or engineered requirement the articles describe enough i think

theres a variation called superplastic forming which is usually for titanium and allows internal reinforcement think two shhets of metal with an egg crate lattice inside we used to do this for firewalls on the v22 and harrier we used hydroforming for the exhaust cones of trent aero engines

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