superbowl halftime: was that Janet Jacksons boob?

right before th elights went out Justin Timberlake grabbed her bra and ripped it off. her right breast was fully exposed.
Who designed this Halftime show?


what can you say, its MTV…
that came outta no where

i guess she’s looking for a design job in venice beach hippie jewelry segment of the market. just a bit shy about it.

It’s a nipple piercing with a piece of jewelry called a nipple shield.

Nipple shield manufacturers rejoice.

Never go into battle without having your nipple shields up.

Well I’m deffinately nominating this thread for the…

Breast of the Boards”

Gett IT!!

:laughing: AHHHH ahahahahahahh :smiley: hahaha oohhh oh :slight_smile: ahh aa…um … ah… …whew :neutral_face: