Super Soaker Finalists

Hi Everyone:

Below are the finalists in no particular order. I will talk to the Core Admin and we’ll decide how to announce…I would guess some combination of blog post and in this forum.

As I am the sole judge this go around, bribes, blackmail, donations, or ego strokes are acceptable forms of encouragement.




waikit entry 2

up_id Leonard Gubat[/img]

up_id Josua Aquino

up_id Jesus Codeniera





Listen you handsome man (ego stroke), We know that as a designer I have the power to Photoshop you into a “non-flattering” position (blackmail), so lets get down to brass tacks. Pick my concept and Ill get AT LEAST 5 newcomers to join the next 1HDC (bribe)…as well as enter again myself (donation). You seem like a reasonable man… lets hope you make the right decision :wink:

For real though, great work from everyone and I cant wait to see who takes it home!

Well Played…

Extremely well played :slight_smile:

Hmmm…first time trying to bribe someone…oh God forgive me
Well, you know i am the guy from that other design forum site.
I could promote your next 1HDC with a newsletter to all my members. Or do a blog and forum post.
Or help selling you briefdesigndvd… You were that guy right?
Or when you are in Shanghai, I will buy you a couple of beers.
You cant have them all of course. Choose wisely.
Anyways, many thanks for setting up these 1HDC.
You deserve some reward yourself!


Representing China. Those million designers are counting on me. Sweating…

Congrats to the finalists! Nice work guys.

Nice work to everyone!! Fun topic ip.

Great stuff! Inspiring sketches.


I am here: Google Maps


The entry of up_id Leonard Gubat is not well embedded in the site forum.


I’ve chatted with Core Admin and we’ve narrowed it down to the final three.

We will hopefully be able to iron out the announcement of the winner today.

Hint: Apparently shameless wallowing helps a bit :wink:

The winners have been announced!

Congrats to Waikit, this challenge’s winner along with the runners up, fedE21us and vespaw!

See the announcement here:

Well played Waikit, it was a good game. I completely stopped checking the forum last week due to some heavy CADing and didn’t have a chance to bribe, ego stroke, donate or blackmail. Next time I’ll step it up, you have all proven to be worthy competitors

Awesome stuff … the exploded view was something :slight_smile:

Cheers everyone! I am very happy to win this one. There were really great stuff posted here.
I hope I did not win, because of my bribing techniques only.
Anyways, @ip_wirelessly: As promised, what would you prefer me to give back? Just one of course :wink:

Very nice concepts, I like the Pogo Bazooka…