Super matte - almost rubber paint?

Hi all,

wondering if anyone has any leads on a certain type of finish I’ve seen recently and would like to know more about. I have seen a number of products (usually small electronics) with a super matte - almost rubber finish. The resulting products almost look like they are made with an elastomer but are in fact “hard”. From what I can tell the finish looks like a paint.

I have seen some Speck iPhone cases that have a finish like this as well as the below charger from Energizer (sorry for the bad picture - was the only one I could find)

Any suggestions as to a spec or vendor?


I’ve been looking for a similar thing to use on a looks-like prototype and came across this stuff:

It’s soft touch paint and looks pretty interesting. It seems pricey though and is only sold in sizes practical for professional paint shops and manufactures. It didn’t make sense for just one small model, but maybe it will work for you. I’m interested to see if anyone else has any products out there.


VW has used this soft touch paint since the Golf IV (for ages, now.)
It still isn’t a stable process, that results in durable coatings… lots of
hassle for the dealers.

(BMW X3)

But there are replacement rattle cans to touch those things up:

Alexit Typ: softcoatig 402 -27
FoliaTec Interior Color-Spray SOFTTOUCH

Don’t know if you can get it in the US.


Cool - thanks for the links.
I might try to order the Alsa sample kit - or at least see if one of the larger RP houses could do it for me.

Dupont VelvaShield – soft touch matte clear, polyurethane.

Nice, been looking for a spray can version of this. In most cases the soft touch coatings seems pretty durable, at least from my experience.