Super Clipper

Featured on the main page today:

I’d like to compare that to the TWIN S Nailclipper, which is available for almost 10 years now:

It combined some innovations at the time amongst them the ones that are touted for the Klhip as well:
“Re-engineer the cutter so that the pressure is applied directly on the nail and catch the cuttings as you go.”
But it also folds to an optimal flat package, which the Klhip doesn`t.

Neverless both are neat items that expand the boundaries of the category.

“…and catch the cuttings as you go.”

Wow that’s touted as an innovation? I have one of those and I always viewed it as a failure, It takes like 10 times longer to clip your nails because you have to stop every single one to shake away the cuttings.

On top of it - it’s not corrosion proof. Who thought that was a good idea for a product like this?

I actually bought it impulsively because I thought it was so cool. Looking back, I wish I’d kept my money (~€30).

Neither one seems designed…more like engineered and maybe not even that. Neat mech. leverage idea on the Khlip though.

Hm. I have one of those “TWIN S” as well. It is stored in the car, where the flatness and
catching of clippings makes some sense. In there it doesn’t get wet tough, so I can’t
comment on rust. I’d send it back to Henckels if it catched some.

Nice cliper but $50 is a bit on the high side.

$50!!! WHAT?!?!!?

But it redefines the clipping experience!

I have one similar to that TWIN-S which was purchased at Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku. The variety and range of prices in nail clippers featured in that amazing dept store will blow your mind. The one I got was even simpler though, with only three parts.

I use little scissors… :wink: more multi purpose.