Super Bowl XLVI Commercials

Maybe the best, ever.

The rest: Chevrolet Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Crossovers and Vans

Sorry, I’ve got to say this one trumps it by a long run:


All jokes aside, I’m excited for the onslaught.

I dunno. This has probably been my favorite super bowl commercial to date:

I liked this commercial quite a bit. Inline with the Hawk one from before.

Cool car + Seinfeld = winning

I can’t believe they got him to do an Acura commercial. He’s a die-hard Porsche fan!

Whoah !

Until the last 5 seconds I thought it was rather lame. On TV I would have skipped it. But the end is really great!


Did anyone else notice the optimism towards the economy? I actually thought it was nice for a change. You can only see so many crazy doritos commercials before they all seem the same.

Was the optimism put on mostly by the auto industry?

He probably used some of the money from that commercial to go buy another porsche.

Did anyone catch this one? - YouTube

No, I didn’t, but now I got a tear in my eye, literaly.

well I knew that theme, but I didn’t get it until I looked
the title up on youtube. “Do.oh!”


I also thought these were great