Super Bowl ads 2020

I just love this in a childish manner. Groundhog day is one of my favourites and am shocked, that it is almost 3 decades, now.

Proves, that every day is a chance to get creative, (or find true spirited love, as in the movie).
Nice start into a non routine Monday.


I liked that one too, although my US feed was a little choppy during that one.

How many EV ads where there? Audi, Hummer, any others?

awe, I love that Jeep one! Great ad.

Having grown up in the North East of the Us and lived in Rhode Island and Boston, I found this one particularly funny. This design has really grown on me as well. The huge grille puts me off a bit, but the back end I love.

kia went for the heart strings:

This one for Genesis really seemed to miss the mark. It seems totally tone deaf… and I actually got bored. I love everything John Legend and Chrissy Teagan do in the world in terms of politics and this seemed to go against all of that… and not make much sense.

theme from Frozen for Audi E Tron? Wow, that made no sense. ButI guess just a grab at all those moms and dads who are in the market for a “luxury” SUV crossover?

Porsche Taycan. Fun concept, good way to work in the heritage, good cinematography, solid B+ ending tagline “Finally, and electric car that steals you.” … almost makes sense in the context of the commercial, but not really. I would have gone with something more like “The electric car that steals your heart” …

Thank you Genesis for killing “Luxury” and Luxury in one lame ad.
Will the orginal Benteyga please stand up, please stand up?

Say what you will about the product and the brand, but this was probably the best car commercial of the night in my opinion in terms of messaging and positioning. It very clearly tells you their intended message.

… and all of a sudden every AMG Mercedes and every other flappy exhaust “sports” vehicle feels plain old.

I liked the Genesis SUV looks, but that ad was lame. I was confused too. I recognize John Legend, but the ad made him seem like a douche. I have no idea who the woman was. Maybe I’m not in their demo, but seeing as where I am in my career and age…I think I should be.

The Hummer ad was weirdly inspiring, even if the look of the front of the vehicle makes me ready for disappointment.

That’s his wife Chrissy Tiegen. Model, mom, social media personality. She’s a pretty fun Twitter follow.

I missed this Toyota one. Solid effort. Good messaging at their intended target audience.

Quite strong commercials. Of course they emphasize the ad concept itself more than the car, but it’d be good seeing a bit more of the actual product in some of them. As an ad, I liked the Hummer one, it had strong visuals and a good ending, kept it simple and didn’t try to come up with a tagline that doesn’t work anyway because designing them is very hard and it will ruin the all-important last impression of an ad that now will not last (hello Germany). I like slogans that are simple and strong and can be used for years by the same brand in all their commercials. Why change it all the time if that one works best. The Porsche was the best video. Yeah Chrissy Teigen is very well-known also in Europe from the lip-sync battle show on Spike with LL Cool J. Except for the Porsche and the Jeep the design work wasn’t all that strong, maybe it explains the vehicles being the deuteragonists here. I like the new 2020 Kia e-Soul, that could be a good way to approach EV design.