Super advanced Photoshop concept rendering training?

Where or who can I go to to get some super advanced Photoshop rendering skills? I am a concept designer and am willing to travel (with crew) for some in-depth training.

Gnomon videos? There’s a ton of them, especially from Scott Robertson.

The Harold Belker Gnomon DVD’s are also very good.

Can’t say I’ve heard of much in the way of on site ID focused rendering training.

I’ve done the videos. They’re good, I’ll add the Scott Robertson video to my collection. But, I was looking for a class room type training.

You might look into continuing ed at Art Center in Pasadena. Scott Robertson, used to teach there and he might still.

Scott Robertson will set up, or has in the past, a class style training session. On his website he states, “If you are interested in having Scott design and implement a workshop or multi-week drawing and rendering course for your design team or students, please contact Scott to discuss fees and availability.”

So it does look as if hes is still working in that capacity.

Go to his website: to get his contact info.