What are your favorite sunglasses? Post links or pics.

Hmmm… the Oakley M frame is a good one.

and, the Oakley Half Jacket

good old “Aviators”; these are by Serengeti

I’ve had a pair for fifteen years.

I like these a lot (second gen. for the fives), I had two pair of the old ones, and I love the redisign. the only problem is a bit of a blind spot, I have to look twice when changing lanes now :neutral_face:

yeah, Oakleys go great with a 1991 Camaro and a wife beater

Thermonuclear protection for the IROC! (1986, not 91.)

This is the style in So-cal (Spy optic):

And for the chicks… (especially in white)

Also Dragon & Von Zipper brands.


They fit better than oakley, cost less, and are more durable.

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For everyday use:
Oakley Monster Dogs

or Oakley Valves:

For biking:
Oakley Racing Jackets

Oakley makes some of the best sunglasses on the market (for under $200). Although, I must agree, the trusty old aviators are also a dependable addition.