sunglasses in SolidWorks, help!

I recently started a little project modeling a pair of sunglasses in SolidWorks. I am a little stumped as to an approach for building them. I am obviously going to use almost exclusively surfacing but need a little help getting started.

Anyone know of any good sunglasses tutorials for Solidworks, or have any advice for getting started?


the approach to surfacing sunglasses will be the same in any program, only the tools will slightly vary. there is a tutorial for modelling a pair of sunglasses on the alias website from memory. though of course the approach will vary based on the design of your sunglasses. if you post a pic of what you’ve got you’ll get more help.

  1. Create top / front / side views of your concept
  2. Understand the form, and then bring in each view into a sketch plane and set up your work environment
  3. Evaluate your form and make notes. If you were to sketch through and use form curves then this will help greatly as it almost directly applies to how you will surface / loft / your item… my suggestion USE BOUNDARY!

    If you have a sketch I can help you break it down.

Chevis W