Summer Sketches

I hope I can illustrate better about watching your diminishing lines.
so I hope you don’t mind me picking this apart but I’m seeing this repeat in your quick sketches and I hope that I can help by making you notice it :slight_smile:
You should converge your parallels to a single point or otherwise you get a sort of a “false statement”. I know it seems as though it won’t matter since some of these lines are “behind the object”, but it does have a big impact on your sketches. One of the problems could be that since your sketches will be conveyed to other designers you may work with, these inaccuracies might distract from the overall element you are trying to convey. And I’m sure others here could tell you other factors that inaccuracies will bring in. Keep on practicing! you can ONLY get better! Also one of the best advice I got from a teacher once was to just walk away from it and come back after you’ve observed the world a little more and thought about it a little more (sometimes this would take me days :laughing: ).

Thanks Yo and Ratio! Do you guys have any suggestions for products to sketch? I will start warming up and I seem to always start sketching the same objects as the day before and I want to get out of this habit. I guess what I am trying to say is I get comfortable with the same general shapes and never seem to branch out or push myself. Should I walk around my house and find things to sketch and sketch the same object over and over until I am satisfied with the end result then move on to another object I find, or google images, or what? It’s almost like writers block, but for sketching I guess.

Draw from life as much as you can. It’s not the same as drawing from a photograph. You are subjected to the photographer’s point of view when you draw from a picture. Draw everything around you.

Tangerine- I took your advice and sketching stuff around my house. Here is page of an electric razor. I am also carrying around a sketchbook (a clipboard with computer paper) and doodling/sketching whenever I get a chance.
Ratio- I have been trying to make sure my parallel lines are converging to the same point…hope I have improved some.

Used a sharpie ultra fine point for these sketches. My line work isn’t as good as with a ball point (hopefully I can improve this), but I like the sharpie because it really makes me commit to lines. Also, I’m not sure if my cast shadows are correct?

Here are some “just for fun” sketches and some from projects I am working on in school right now.


Great improvement!!! Keep it up!

Practicing marker renders from the “sketching: drawing techniques for product designers.” Tried to use my dried out true blue marker on the third one, but didn’t turn out the way I thought it would haha.

I second my previous quote…Great improvement. My only comment is that I really do not know what it is that you sketched in you last post. Try to work on you communication skills in you sketches. Remember you are trying to communicate an idea visually and if that includes showing the product in perspective or detail views to get that across then that is what you need to do.

Good job and keep it coming!!!

Thanks for the advice Package_ID. I have been practicing different viewpoints to convey a idea or just give the sketch some energy. Here are some fun sketches and process sketches for a project I am working on right now.

One more…

Here are some more sketches that I did for fun. I am starting to learn some new techniques from a friend in my studio using pencils and markers to render a sketch. I am hoping to keep posting on this thread to try and document my progression, so I am open to any comments or suggestions for improvement along the way!

inspiring progress man, damn.
loving the exploded view of the luggage carrier. uve improved thru each posts,
heres wat ive got to add
1, carry a sketchpad everywhere so u get more sketches per unit time
2, just pencil/pen and paper. sounds boring or maybe easy, but it collects all ur imperfections and displays them to u.great practice.
3, look at a lot of sketches that inspire u and draw with them in front of u.
4, leave rulers/erasers/ellipse stencils out of this.

i try each day to progress too, and a lot of these things im still trying out for myself and are helping me.

@ protodes

Thanks man, yeah I am trying to carry a sketch pad around with me to sketch during lectures or just watching tv, etc. I am also starting to compile a binder of sketches and styles that I like from core and coroflot. It really does seem to help looking at them on paper rather than on a computer screen. Hopefully I will have some time to sketch (I’m really bogged down with end of the semester projects haha) and post some more over my winter break.

I notice that the best pieces here are the ones copying/mimic other people’s sketches. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a great way to learn, but try putting more of what works in those sketches into your own sketches. It will help you understand the techniques better. Still some nice progress here, but pay some more attention to shadows:
1)On the pictures on top of this page and bottom of page 2 you have some quite angular looking objects, but a curved shadow. Looks odd.
2)On the cylinders on these two last posts (the orange and blue) you’ve placed the highlight on the cylinder in the shade).

Also, I think the fuzzy, blue background is not acting as a background on these last ones. It is taking far to much attention.

No wonder the first sketch was so familiar!!!

I have the same book! XD

Here’s some recent sketches I did. Starting to use blue indigo prismas which is a lot of fun :smiley:

well done

and keep going on

I looked through the work you posted from the beginning and am impressed with the progress too!