Summer School

I am a student currently studying Industrial Design. I have taken all of my gen eds and would only be taking the fourth year studio first semester and then the other half the second semester. Since that is only one class per semester, I am trying to figure out a way to complete some sort of equivalent set of classes during the summer. Does anyone know of a school in the US or outside the US that has a summer program that cover senior studio industrial design or similar classes that I can take? I don’t mind studying abroad for the summer if there is a program.

Have you done any internships?

I have not done any internships yet because this is my second year in design, so I am just starting the programs on computer. My goal would be to get an internship this coming up summer to gain some experience before entering my third year. Because I switched my major though, I have taken almost all the other required classes. After my 3rd year I will only have the 2 studios. I don’t want to take a whole year of school for 2 classes. So my 4th year I wanted to take the two studios over the summer or find a reasonable equivalent. I can not however, find a school that offers anything like that in the summer.