Summer School Or Work Placement

Hi Guys,

I’m a student studying Product Design in the Uk, and am currently on a placement year in France.

My Job has not been fully Product Design related, and I am desperate to get more hands on experience before I return to university in October for my final year.

I feel I have two options, try and find a short summer Work Placement, (this has proved rather difficult so far)


Do a summer School? What are people’s thoughts in completing a short summer school?

I just found this one in Milan which I think would put a different angle on my ideas of design.

Also I think the RCA in London has previously run courses?

Does anyone know of any others?

Let me know what you think is a summer school a good or bad idea?
Should I just keep searching for a work placement?



Below is a link to my portfolio…

Personally I’d take the experience over the extra schooling. In my few months of placement I’ve learnt just as much as I have during my first 2 years of university.

work experience all the way

No question. Work Experience.


Well guess you confirmed my thoughts then!

I’ll just have to keep looking and applying!



P.S. Anyone got any thoughts on my portfolio, my thoughts are i don’t have enough complete projects?