summer practice

Hi, I just finished my sophomore year in ID and i want to use the summer time to improve my sketching skill. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks : )

Nice, keep posting!

my scanner is broken… so i put some sketches i did in the past few days together…
(reference: Sketching: drawing techniques for product designers)

The best way to test how good is your sketching is to make a clay model of your sketch, and see if someone who doesn’t understand ID can relate the sketch to your model.

experiMental: I have never heard of anyone do that. Have you done that? How’d that turn out? I feel as if if you show someone one sketch and one model, and there’s a vague similarity, they will automatically associate them. It doesn’t seem like an effective way to test how good your sketching is. Of course, I’ve never done it and could be wrong.

here are some more…also used SKetching as reference.

That last set is starting to feel a bit looser and confident! Keep going! This is a great way to track your progress.

I am having a hard time constructing more complicated form. I sometimes lost the perspective.

Some good development. I’d recommend staying away from digital for now (your first digital ones don’t look as good, and you can more quickly develop in analog I think). Best thing is to just keep cranking it out. At this point Quantity will develop Quality.


i have been traveling so i couldn’t find a time to upload my sketches till now. (reference: sketching)

finally got back from traveling. Need to get myself back to work!
camera sketch (reference: idsketching,com)


definitely seeing a lot of improvement!

I really appreciate all of the feedback. Thanks.
(reference: sketch a day)
tried to place a figure in the sketch to show the size but failed…: p

Watch out on a few of those tapering lines, they are always off a bit in a quick sketch where you don’t plot everything out, but just try to keep them all off in the same direction. Also, try a few different angles, the perspective on this makes it look like it is a table top device rather than a human scale ATM, drawing a parson in also helps (had you ghosted a figure in there, I bet that ATM card would b a lot smaller)
Screen shot 2010-07-16 at 3.31.25 PM.jpg

still strying… will try some more cuz its still a bit weird…

your getting there, keep going, try doing overlays instead of starting from scratch each time, overlay the successful parts of the sketch, leave behind the mistakes. On the last sketch try extending the bottom surface downward a bit, the figure and machine don’t seem to be on the same plane.

You could try to extend the centerline to the ground. This’ll help you place your figure + the environment.

Thanks for the advice, it helps so much!
I tried to do overlay for the ATM sketch and adjusted the person placement.
and the second one is just doodling…