summer internship at the end of 1st year, IS IT POSSIBLE?


I need help here…I am a 1st year product design student this year and am looking for an internship for next summer. Can anyone help me? Thanks!

It depends.

I personally know one ID student who got an internship her 2nd year. How hard will you break your ass this 1st year (roughly halfway through it now)? If you’re lucky enough to have several ID classes in your first year to build enough of a portfolio (I only have one ID class my first year), have connections, and/or have an upper classman or professor who will help you with your project execution- it’s possible.

The internship you’re searching for is what some Industrial Designers with BFAs are searching for too.

Personally I would wait until at least your second year so you can apply some knowledge and skills you’ve learned from your institution, and go from there.

As with anything- it’s really up to you if you want it.

If your school has a good Alumni base, or local network, you might be able to snag something. Even if you are just doing office work (at this point it might be all you can do) just being around a studio is going to help… a little osmosis.

My first year in my ID major, I recieved 3 internship offers.
Out of 13 classmates, only 2 did not get an ID internship in their 1st year studies.
I consider I was very lucky, But I also consider that our school has excellent connections.
student in my class are full of talents. Nothing is impossible, you just have to work hard
enough for it.
Good luck!

Thank you all for the great responses! Crepes, I am amazed that most students in your school get internship by the end of 1st year! Do you guys look for it or they just come to you, aka. through project presentations? My school has a good alumni network but I just do not know how to work it out especially since I am new and I know no alumni. Crepes, what is ur school, btw? I am studying at Central St. Martin, London.