summer ID programs in Europe?

Hi, I’m interested in finding summer school options for industrial design schools in Europe. Currently I’m enrolled in the ID BA program at Virginia Tech as a junior, and have a summers worth of experience interning with a small design firm in Florida. Instead of working in the US again as an intern this upcoming summer, I would like to make some connections in Europe for either eventually finding an internship with a Euro design firm or setting myself up for graduate work there (preferably both).

I’ve been looking closely at Umea, but need to get into direct contact with them about a summer ID program as it appears that they don’t have a formal program there. I’ve been working up a listing of other design schools as well in Scandinavia and mainland Europe; I’ll be researching the possibilities there, but I’d like to get y’alls input in case you know of a good program somewhere.

I’m not picky when it comes to the kind of program. My general interests lie more in the aesthetic, social, and environmental aspects of ID rather than in the technical side, but I know that it helps to be as well rounded as possible. Specifically, furniture design is the direction I want to go at the moment.

Thanks for any help!


If it is furniture you are interested in I would not recommend Lulea. I would instead look into konstfack in Sweden ( or University of Art and Design Helsinki (… HDK in Gothenburg Sweden might also be an alternative (

DIS in Copenhagen does a summer furniture program that’s produced some excellent work – Pratt and Berkeley send a bunch of students there every year, as well as a number of other schools.

Awesome! DIS looks really nice…

isn’t the study abroad programe open to ID majors in Virginia Tech? I’m also in the ID BA program at Virginia Tech but as a freshman.

Hi hotboxd
why not come to china for an intern?
some asia countires are also have plenty of chances, and also the design standard in some big companys, such as motorola, beijing, LG, beijing…are also good
just an advise````

Glad to make friend with IDers~~~