Summer Courses

Im a mechanical engineer student and im hoping to be in a ID or automotive desing course in a couple of years and i really need to practice my drawing and design skills allong the way cause i dont get any of that in my curent course. Are summer courses a good thing, i know one or two but i was thinking in the NABA academy in milan but i dont know if their any good. Could you help me out? If you know some other good programs please let me know. One more question, is there any kind of formation i can get im my spare time? such as mini-courses envolving drawing and ID skills? Please help me out

Pedro, Lisbon, Portugal.

please people i really need an answer, its really important for me

the only course I’ve heard of is the one you mentioned in milan.

design boom have design-aerobics online ID courses, I dont know anything about them though.