Summer course - Design Innovation or Design Thinking


anybody knows of great summer courses in Design Innovation or Design Thinking in Europe?



Have a look at the summer courses of the Berlin University of the Arts, they have several Design workshops this summer


“Designing Communication Design” Uwe Vock (UdK Berlin)
August 7th-9th
The course is based on the important theories about the design process (thats not design theory!).
and will light up some of these important theories and give advices, how to transport empiric theories into the real daily life of „Design“ through integrated short workshops.

“Sustainability + Design” Peter Bayerer (UdK Berlin)
September 2nd-6th
The workshop will give an insight into complexity and interdependence of “sustainability” between nature, society and
technology, environmental, social and economic implications of a product designer’s practice and the principles of sustainable
development into country policies and programs. The conveyance of the operating range for design, their problems, methods
and solutions is the main emphasis.

“Aging in Place – design research based explorations on future life-styles” Gesche Joost / Stefan Göllner (UdK Berlin)
July 29th-August 2nd
DesignResearchLab is poses the question: How will we experience old age in the future and how will Design influence this phase of life? We will investigate this question using design research methods and prototypical designs based on expert knowledge and personal insight.