Summer Classes for 2011 on sketching NYC

Im currently a Junior in the I.I.D. program at Syracuse. Ive found myself becoming frustrated with the lack of emphasis on skills, so Im looking to take a summer course on sketching/page layout/marker rendering/ideation sketching…etc. I live about 20 min from NYC so Im trying to figure out who offers summer classes, and what the best ones to take would be.


I’m just not sure if that exists, but it should…

I’m not sure about NYC, but the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston has continuing education programs you can look into. The sketching class meets just once a week, and could be an option if you’re willing to travel.


FYI, I did a sketch workshop a little over a year ago at RIT (and in the spring last year for VT). Based on this success, I reached out to your SU ID chair. We had a few emails, but did not finalize it. If you are interested in having an event at SU, talk to your chair. I would be more than willing to host an event for your department.

Talk to Jon Mills if you haven’t already. I’m not sure if he’s teaching the sketching class currently or what the story is, but he’s an old classmate and a good friend and knows his way around a ream of paper so if you took the class a few years ago with someone else it may be worth sitting in on it again. If not I’m sure he’d be happy to sit down and give you some pointers.

Thanks everyone. Professor Mills’ class was filled quickly unfortunately. My department heads arent exactly the best for getting workshops together. I inquired about a sketching workshop last semester, because Spencer Nugent had told me hed be willing to come…but I was blown off being told that they would prefer to get someone local. Ill probably be posting some sketches ive been doing on my own to my coroflot portfolio in the next week or two, so maybe I can get some feedback on here too.

Don’t overlook student IDSA ability and funds. I just hosed at VT. Student IDSA covered my air ticket.