Summer '08 internships - who's doing what?

It’s about that time for summer decisions :slight_smile: …curious to hear what everyone’s plans are in terms of internships and opportunities - especially for some of the fellow members in sketch-fu. Phil and I have just accepted New Balance internship positions up in Boston for the whole summer - works well for our running too, as we will be able to continue our track seasons into late May and then start our cross country summer training as well, seeing that the Boston area is an awesome running community. Anyone else going to the Boston area?

Unfortunately I’m hitting the classes back up come May… BUT I am leaving New Balance just in time for you to show up. If you’re lucky you might get to sit in this very desk :wink:

I heard that you two were coming to town. Congratulations! I’m glad things are working out for you. The actual design office is in Lawrence. But its VERY close to Boston. Do you guys have a place yet?

Haha cool! Yea, I can’t wait to start. We are actually still looking for housing-- mainly through craigslist and some local colleges in the area. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email or pm either of us.

I’m local so I didn’t have to find housing, but the UC kids that come out here are all using craigslist. So I would say that is most likely the way to go. What colleges were you looking at for some of their housing options?

we are looking at Salem State College - their summer session starts and ends almost exactly on the dates we will be up there.

Just as a first off the top of my head note…

Salem, MA is about 45-50 min away from the Lawrence location. I wouldn’t want to commute that everyday if I didn’t have to. I would stick to craigslist and maybe look at places in Andover, Haverhill, or Somerville (maybe even Cambridge)… a bunch of people were living there for the two terms that I kinda over lapped. Those are kind of in between Boston and Lawrence for a nice middle ground. That way your commute wouldn’t be too bad if you were coming up to Lawrence or heading down to Boston.

Just my $0.02…

Cool topic. Been at Pentland for the last few weeks. They are a family of brands - Lacoste, Speedo, Mitre, Ellesse etc. etc.
Been worknig with Speedo footwear last few weeks, really enjoying it…

Well done Boogey Man, it is great to hear you got into Pentland. You deserve it.

Keep me posted on how that progresses for you

Yes congratulations on that… must be quite the design overload over there?

Hey guys, first off congrats…
Im in Boston now, but Ill be home wednesday for the summer…
Thats awesome though, you guys should have tons of fun…
You know where you are staying??

Look into TUFTS UNIVERSITY, Somerville area for housing.
That’s where I lived for a summer, and it was great.

Still a half hour from Lawrence, but you’ll REALLY appreciate living within walking distance to the T to go downtown.

…and living in Lawrence, ew.

must be quite the design overload over there?

Each brand has its own office, but its cool having all brands under one roof and the chance to work with different ones.[/quote]

hey, im going from studying in australia to an internship in india. am interested in seeing the progress and future of ID and manufacturing in the country, plus the benefits of what is hopefully an amazing experience culturally :slight_smile:

That’s awesome-- sounds like it will be a great experience.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions on housing and good areas to look at in the Lawrence/Boston vicinity. We are still looking on craigslist for sublets/rooms.

Starting next week I’m doing some freelance work for Body Glove (asia). Good opportunity, not exactly an internship though. Next summer is when I’m going to be shooting for an internship…need to beef up the portfolio work this summer. Can you tell me how all of you got the internship though. Did anyone recommend you or what?

We simply emailed as many companies as we possibly could ( both footwear & product design)…about half never reply, 1/4 of the companies have no intern programs at all, and the last 1/4 are pretty solid opportunities. From there, it was basically a bunch of phone interviews, and then finally picking the right internship from there.

Just saw on the adidas site…they have a footwear design intern position. Someone should jump on that!

where in India will you be interning? How did you get it?

can you post the link to the adidas intern. i can’t find it on the site.

hope this helps