Sum Old stuff..what you guys think

these are some old comp sketches, i did for outdoor hikers that were needed.
what do you guys think.

trying to post the image…how do i post im new to this.[/img]

Try again!I’m waiting… :slight_smile:

go to

I cant post them here for some reason. i will be trying to put stuff up, more stuff soon.

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it is the first set, #1 out of the 5.


yes. how do you psot an image online in this forum, and lets say it is not online.

  • this question im sure has been posted before, my apologizes.

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wht if it doesnt have a url???

…well, it should get one.

old thread, I know. Do you still need help, dygitalvision?

YES i need help, if you see my new post in the sketching area of the forum, I had to post my images this way, it is a pain to go to this link and download them, my website is not up yet and there is not enough space at my coroflot site to add more…kind of in a puzzled spot, thank you for replying…I need to post an image with out a url, I am also apart of product design forum, and there you just have to browse and then select and then it is posted…hint hint maybe we need this in this forum…

Since you’ve got the iDrive account this will be easier than I thought, but will still require a couple of steps. (Apologies if you already know some of this. I don’t mean to insult your intelligence, but I want to be thorough).

  1. Upload image to your iDrive account. (I’m assuming this isn’t a problem for you, since you’ve got images up there already. If I’m wrong, let me know and I can help)

  2. Using your web browser, browse to the image you want to include in a core77 forum post. Check the location bar and you should see something like “” Select all of that text and hit ctrl(cmd)+c to copy it to the clipboard.

  3. Open a new browser window (or a new tab if you use Firefox - and start a new post at core77.

  4. While your cursor is in the body of the message, hit the “Img” button located just under the “Subject” field, second from the right. You should see a


in the text box. Hit ctrl(cmd)+v to paste in the image url you copied from the other browser window (or tab) and click that image button again. The second click should close the image tag with this:


The whole thing should look like this:

  1. That should do it. Here is my try:

Wow. Big image. You might want to resize before posting, but that’s how you do it.

Awesome work, BTW. :smiley:

thank you, none disrespect taken, thank you, I ended up posting a couple of the sketches re-sized in the sketches part of the forum…you can check that out same stuff just re-sized.

thank you,

No prob. Glad to help.

that pen sketch of the boot has nice dynamic, strong line work - was it done over a pencil sketch?

no all done with just pen. I hardly use pencil…I should, but for me alot of the time i feel like it takes away from my loose first hand ideas, pen can get me in trouble to because it isnt very forgiving, but I sketch tons and tons of drawings everyday and the forms come more natural as time has been coming along.