Suitable material for travel wallet

I’ve been working on a design of travel wallet /document holder and I’m trying to find out which material would be more suitable - not sure if nylon or polyester.
It needs to be light and durable, waterproof would be great, aimed for young travellers, so no leather. It fits passports, credit cards, etickets etc., so nothing too bulky. It’s bifold with velcro.
I just want to have more info before I talk to the manufacturer.
Any thoughts would be welcome, many thanks

1000D ballistic nylon (Cordura nylon is a trade name, same thing) with waterproof backing is probably your best choice for cost, durability, availability, ease of construction, etc. It will not be waterproof due to the material and stitch lines which let water in. But it will be quite water resistant. Otherwise PVC, Vinyl, or other dry bag materials are 100% waterproof, but are a little less durable than 1000D nylon. Again if you use stitch lines, they will not be waterproof. Ultrasonic welding these materials will make the product waterproof depending on closure system.

I bought this in HK last month and love it. Beats the heck out of the leather wallets I’ve been carrying around for years.

I’m not a soft goods guy, but it looks like a heavy nylon material. VERY durable.

I also like trim color - orange is the new blue…

Thanks a lot for you advise Taylor. What would you recommend for making the wallet firmer? I’ve seen a few wallets with cardboard in it, but not sure about the durability…

I love this one too, could you let me know the brand or the company making it, so that I can check it out? Thanks a lot

That material looks like nylon in the photo.

To add backing stiffener, the most common is thin Polypropylene board. Cheap, available, available in many different mm thicknesses, does its job to stiffen things up. They use it a lot in hiking backpacks for the suspension sheet. Other than that HDPE is also a suitable affordable option. Both have +s / -s.

I bought the wallet here:

I looked at the wallet and my receipt and there was no brand on either. Only the embossed logo on the front (in the photo).


Thanks Taylor, your advices are much appreciated…

That’s great, thanks a lot. Would you mind posting the picture of the inside of the wallet as well? You can take your credit cards away :smiley:

Hi again, would you have any recommendation regarding the material to be used inside the wallets? Thank you

Not without getting some form of reimbursement :confused:

There are several factors involved, material spec is the tip of the iceberg. Have you thought about PP board thickness, thread type, padding thickness and/or what type?

Ok ok, fair enough, I thought I would give a try anyway :smiley:
We definitely need help on this, I’m going to post what we are looking for soon, if you were interested in our cooperation, you could let us know then…

Send me an email,

Taylor (@AT@) TaylorWelden (.DOT.) com

I’d be happy to talk