Suicidal Tendencies?



no comment, anyone?

Well, there is not much to comment on right now. I’d love to read more about who your intended consumer is, what price range you would see this in, what market competitors you are trying to out do and how… that would provide some content to discuss.

right now the only things to talk about are

  1. is a devil inspired front end graphic well done? Which I would say right now it comes off a bit cheesy to my taste, but I may or may not be the intended customer. It seems not literal enough for rock-a-billy and or rebel crowd, not aggressive enough for the “fast and the Furious” types, and not stylized enough for just a designerly graphic.

  2. The rest of the forms seem a little convoluted, a lot happening. Again, without the competitive set and consumer info, it’s hard to judge, I’m just using my own taste and preferences as barometers.

In this sketch you show it scraping the ground when you lean. Why is that a good thing?
I’m also not sure how this would be a “drift machine”? The last thing I would want to happen when riding a bike is drift right?
Like Yo said, we need more info on the concept, the consumer…

I am just confused by the title. Let’s see more.

What kind of engine is in the bike?
What kind of position is the rider in?
Is this a scooter that can drift? a motard scooter?

As others have said, there is definitely an attitude conveyed in the name and graphics, but not sure if the language/proportions of the bike are supporting your direction?

Can you explain the context of your direction? looks interesting.

The last thing I would want to happen when riding a bike is drift right?

Oh, I dunno … a bit of drift is a good thing … if you’re Ruben Xaus.

Wae, note that the three points of contact with the ground do not involve any portion of the frame.

I don’t know, I kind of like the idea of a springloaded metal plate specifically put on the bike for creating a nice sparky trail if you go through the corner flat enough. :smiley:

Do you want those sparks spraying up against your car in the next lane? It seems kind of cheesy to me but I think their is a big market for cheesy so…

Reminds me more of a Rattler 110 than a super bike.

And what’s the purpose of the side by side dually’s in the back? Wouldn’t that add more traction, therefore not allowing you to slide as you’ve designed it?

It’s like the mini truck kids say" Drag and Destroy" too bad the frame strike will destroy you. Hit the frame lift the rear wheels up and slide out of the turn, and into the path of on coming traffic.

Thanks for the replies…
appreciate it!

The bike concept was for fun and a parody (practice)

Thanks, Lmo for the video!
The video kinda explain itself…
You gotta be suicidal or crazy to ride this bike on the road
but you will lead a fulfilling life when you live life at the edge…

Meant for thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie…

The only thing that is safe about this bike is that it has 2 wheels at the rear for stability during drifting…