work for US company

recently i was contacted by an american company for a senior level designer’s position. they are exited about my work and experience. but the issue here is there are no new h-1b visas are being issued. i have over 7years of experience in designing the same products that they make. is it unreasonable to ask the company if they could wait untill october. or are there any other ways to work with this company? please advice. your inputs will be greatly appriciated.

I heard that there are other ways to get you a visa that allows you to work. If they really want you, they will find a way.

aside from an H1-B, you can apply for one of those visas for “aliens with extraordinary ability”. it’s called O-something. not exactly sure about the quota for that. basically, you have to demostrate a kick-ass body of work, high-profile awards, etc…

and i agree with mc, if they want you bad enough, they’d find a way to get you in. they’d probably use an immigration lawyer to help out. that or let you work from where you are, freelance, until you can apply for an H1-B.

much luck to you! hope everything turns out well!

Keep your attention on what you want and you’ll get it. Keep your attention on what’s keeping you from getting what you want, and you’ll get more of what’s keeping you. Visualize it happening just as you want it and watch for the little clues. The positive support in this thread alone is your first clue… :slight_smile: