Suggestions or Comments on Product packaging

Good Morning,

Looking for some advice on packaging a jewelry line. My company is a brand new so money is tight until we understand exactly what is selling and not. Prices range from 45-180usd. It is all hand made and around 50% has dichroic glass pendants and beads. What should be my % of the total price be used on packaging. What I am thinking about is a regular jewelry box white and make a sticker to put on the box instead of printing on the box for logo, inside the box would be a pouch made of cotton or velour or something like that, then wrap the jewelry in tissue paper and stick in the pouch. All put in a basic mailer then in to a padded envelope USPS mailer. Also, print out branded envelope for receipt + card to insert with all the social media and little tidbit about the company. Total cost would be a round 2.65-2.85 usd packed + shipping.


Well to be a strong brand you have to know how to appeal to your target customers. Especially in jewellery because the preferences and motivations of the target markets vary very strongly. Generally, for the coarsest estimates, I usually take up 10% of the FOB product price to include for packaging. For the packaging design, I like to use the least possible amount of material while keeping the design smart and elegant. There are plenty of nice box designs around that you can use or modify to your liking. Some of those include designs for the interior of the box that hold and present your jewelry pieces, so that in one manufacturing step you create both inside and outside of the packaging. Having this all done by a packaging agency can usually be quite cost effective. You can also create the packaging yourself by renting a printer that can do stamping and cutting as well and take the advantage of being able to perform as many iterations as you want.